The Orchard Network is a ministry Program of Orchard: Africa.  It exists to equip church leaders to expand their ministry beyond Sunday into every day of the week.  The Orchard Network is made up of leaders who believe that their entire community is their congregation, not just those who attend their church services.  With a focus on the community, church leaders are transformed from being merely Sunday preachers into Community Leaders who have impact.

Orchard: Africa exists to equip the Church and its leaders to be the response to poverty and injustice thus the Orchard Network focuses on practical ways that the local church can respond to these issues with excellence, compassion and intelligence in a self-sustainable way.

The Orchard Network is not a denomination.  Rather, it is a movement of like-minded church leaders who, together, have a vision and a mission to see the Church be the most dynamic channel of hope and the world’s most effective creator of sustainable change in the lives of the distressed, the poor and the vulnerable.

This website is designed to be a toolbox for church leaders who are eager to expand their ministry beyond the Sunday experience, who want to impact their community in practical and positive ways and who want to be community leaders of substance.

On our Home Page you will find short messages to inspire you, to challenge you, to correct you, to educate you and to help you be the best you can be.

On our Toolbox page you will find practical church tools to equip you.  These are typically in-depth teachings about a subject matter or a Course you can use to equip your church.

On our Sermon Outlines Page you will find exactly that – sermon outlines to assist you in dynamic preaching of God’s word.

About 3 times a year, Orchard Network meetings are held in

South Africa:

  • Cape Town
  • North West Province


  • Lusaka

If you are interested in attending these, please subscribe to our mailing list.  You will receive our weekly inspirational emails as well as invitations to Network meetings.