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5 Key Behavior Patterns for Leaders (Part 2)

Recap from last week:

The gravestone of Ruth Graham (wife of Billy Graham) reads, “End of Construction – Thank you for your patience.”

Until you go to the grave, you are “under construction.” That means you are a work in progress in the hands of your Creator. There is always something that is being fixed, something that is being improved, or something new that is being built.

Here are the last two of the 5 key behavior patterns that every leader should allow God to fix, improve, build or make new.  You can read the first three here.

Continued this week:

Be open-minded.

Effective leaders do not get stuck on one method or one idea.

“It’s never been done this way before” are the words of a leader who will fail to see the fullness of his/her potential.

Open-minded leaders:

  • Admit that they don’t always know best.
  • Realize that their way of doing things is not the only way or the best way.
  • Are always interested in new ideas and suggestions from others.

A leader who projects passion and enthusiasm for his/her vision creates an atmosphere of expectancy among people.

Provide a compelling picture of the future

Vision is a picture of the future.

No leader can be expected to be highly enthusiastic at all times, but people are attracted to a leader who is passionate and excited about picture they see for the future.

Church members want to do more than just attend services.

  • They want to understand their part in making a vision come to life.
  • Effective leaders provide clear and compelling strategy and direction
  • A compelling vision allows people to see a future that they want to embrace.

Ingredients of a compelling picture of the future:

  • Positive change – it serves to improve present conditions
  • Future focus – it furnishes insight and direction for the unseen future
  • A gift from god – it is divinely inspired not humanly manipulated
  • Collaboration – it is something that requires the involvement of all

Where there is no hope for the future there is no power for the present.

And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. (2 Timothy 2:2)

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